Fast Workers set to protect around the world

Fast food workers across the world are setting the 15th of May as a day to stage walks outs in protect or poor working conditions among other things. This will see 150 plus cities across America having walks outs and similar walks outs will be carried out in more than 30 countries across the world.

Workers are demanding better treatment and raises. The claims that current wages are not enough to live on are not unbiased as most workers make minimum wagers and depending on the geographical location they live, this can be nothing less than welfare type wages. Workers are also demanding the rights to unionize without any retaliatory actions from the management ort corporate offices.

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The problem remains that most fast food companies defend the right to pay substandard wages while earning huge profits. Chains like Burger King and McDonalds have both taken this position and it only adds fuel to the growing fire that this global initiative is creating. As time goes on workers will only become more aggressive in their attempts at fair treatment with the real losers being those who are customers of those establishments.

The chains themselves must recognize equality means all people deserve a fair wage in order to live life. Having incredible salaries for management team members, record setting profits and then suggesting that minimum wage is appropriate is no longer acceptable to most, including customers. Prices for fast food have only risen and continue to do so thereby eliminating corporate arguments of cost being the deciding factor on wages.

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