Propane Explosion sees one Worker sent to Hospital and millions in damages

A Toronto area suburb, Brampton, experience breathtaking images as fire leaped into the sky after a propane explosion occurred. The explosion occurred at a Liquid Air facility located in the heart of an industrial are in Brampton at 9:30pm on May 7th.

brampton propane explosion

The facility stored hundreds of propane cylinders that ranged in size from 30lbs to 100lbs. Brampton Fore fighters responded to the blaze and continued to doze the flames to get them under control and attempt to keep the cylinders cool with the hopes no further explosions would be set off. These tanks can travels at high rates of speed when exploding and can travel hundreds of feet into nearby buildings, potential hurting or killing others.

The fire was believed to have started during the transfer of propane from a small tank to one that is larger. This happened to be the cause of another Toronto area fire in 2008 that saw several people killed and hundreds homeless. It is unknown the number of canisters that were located at the facility or their current state however it is expected that inspectors from the ministry will be on site for several days as investigators try to determine the exact cause of the blaze and whether any subsequent charges under the Workers safety act will be laid.
We will update this story should any further developments become available.

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