Full Flush Poker Leaves American Online Gambling Markets

Full Flush Poker, an online poker provider who previously operated within the United States of America has announced that they have left the New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware online gambling markets. This comes as a surprise as Full Flush Poker marks the first operator leaving these regulated online gambling markets.

Delaware map

A Spokesperson at Full Flush Poker spoke to the media, making a series of comments relating to why they left these gambling markets saying, “We had to make sure that we were profitable in these gambling markets. You can’t operate a company within any profit backing you up, the majority of our players choose to cop bonuses or promotions instead of depositing. We weren’t able to turn a profit and if we continued to operate it would result in us going bankrupt. In order to ensure ourselves that we didn’t lose all the money we invested into these gambling markets we took it upon ourselves to close all operations in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. If these markets one day prove to be profitable for the majority of operators we will once again return to the Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware Online Gambling Markets.”

Punters who were loyal fans of the Full Flush Poker experience will be receiving a series of emails relating to how they can withdraw their funds from their accounts. Full Flush Poker did note that punters will lose the ability to withdraw their funds by the end of June, punters will only be able to withdraw and not deposit as the games are blocked from being played.

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