Scotland Most Athletic

Scotland has officially been named the most athletic country within the European Union. This came as a surprise to nearly everyone as Scotland has a reputation for being a country full of lazy drunks. Fortunately for Scotland they have proven that reputation to be wrong as games like Soccer, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Baseball and Swimming have all been on the rise in Scotland for the last ten years.

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The most popular sports played in Scotland is Soccer and Professional Swimming. Soccer is the most played sport around the world and a common sport for young children to learn, nearly everyone in the European Union knows how to play soccer and nearly everyone around the world knows how to the play the game as well. Scotland has actually had some of best soccer players in the world come from their borders. Professional Swimming on the other hand is a sport that isn’t expected to be popular in a country like Scotland. Unfortunately Scotland has horrible weather and the only way for you to enjoy a swim is through an indoor swimming pool. These pools kept on popping up around the country allowing for professional swimming to flourish in Scotland.

The last three years England has been the most Athletic Country in the world with Scotland remaining in the third position for those three years. BBC Sports said that England went down a spot due to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 distracting the young from their daily sport activities.

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