Scottish Soccer

Scottish Soccer Fans have proven themselves worthy of the title “Violent Soccer Fans”. Nigeria, a country well known for their incredible skills in soccer played Scotland earlier on last week. The two teams played their hearts and souls out on the field, but unfortunately both teams didn’t play good enough as they tied 2-2. Scotland eventually went on to play Ghana for the during the International Friendly but lost to them by one point.

scottish soccer fans

That is when the Scotland fans showed their true emotions on the streets. Hundreds upon hundreds of people poured out from their homes and started rioting on the streets. Scotland Police Officials had never seen their citizens react to a football match like this, they had seen bar fights and all of the small things before but not rioting. This resulted in Scottish Police having to get their SWAT Teams out on the scene, this returned in Scotland Citizens throwing bottles, knives and bricks at SWAT Officers. People were directly fighting cops and it was one of the worse scenes that Scotland has seen in recent years.

Overall there were three hundred and twenty six arrests made by the end of the night. Scotland hasn’t made it into the Fifa World Cup for three consecutive times. Scotland Citizens desperately wanted to see their team enter the world cup and potentially win it for the first time. Soccer has become a massively popular sport during the last three years in Scotland, it isn’t shocking to see these reactions as people do love their soccer.

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