Yahtzee Slot Released By Williams Interactive

Williams Interactive is one of the few gambling firms that still operates in the borders of America. Their slots are popular amongst Americans, Canadians and Europeans. Their known across the entire globe and each time they announce a new slot online gamblers everywhere go into a frenzy. Today the US Gambling Firm revealed that they’ve created a slot based on Yahtzee, a board game also famous around the world.

Yahtzee slot

Several themes have been developed for this 5 reel slot. The game will change depending on the game feature or bonus round you are playing. This slot comes with a progressive jackpot, scatters, multipliers and two separate bonus rounds. During the bonus round your goal is to save five chips, the more chips you save and the better of a chance you will have at getting Yahtzee. Winning Yahtzee will result in you winning one of the jackpots available in this slot, that jackpot will also be multiplier by either a 1x to 4x Multiplier.

Bob Hays, the North American Vice President of Williams Interactive took five minutes out of his day to speak to reporters. This is what he had to say, “Williams Interactive has wanted to build slots based around board games for a long time now. Yahtzee is just the first of many to come, we have full confidence that this slot will rise in popularity in matter of a few weeks after being released. Our development team put great efforts into developing Yahtzee and we hope players fall in love with the experience that our development team created for them.”

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