The 2014 Highland Games Begins

The Highland Games is a world renowned competition that gets competitors from all around the globe entering into the festivities. Men who sign up to participate in this competition are naturally very strong in their build which in return allows for them to do things that the majority of men could never accomplish. These men put themselves up to tasks that require great amounts of physical strength, one of the events that takes place is throwing a large utility pole as high as they possibly can into the air. The utility pole that reaches the farthest distance and gets highest into the air wins the event. There is also another event where a group of men play tug-a-rope, the team to first fall down loses the event.

Highland games

This competition has taken place for centuries but twenty one years ago it was rebranded and moved to a brand new location. During the last twenty one years it has been the Edinboro University that has showcased the Highland Games. Unfortunately it began to rain during the event but no one bothered to make a single move, all those who were competing continued to compete to win and all the viewers just continued to sit down and watch the games. It shows that the Scottish are still a formidable force in the world, men and women who refuse to break in the name of what they love.

There are also family events at the Highland Games. You can either watch people play the Bagpipes, have traditional Scottish meals or enjoy the festivities.

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