The Queen Watches Highland Games

The Queen of England, wearing nothing but traditional clothing has been in good spirits as she has been attending the most anticipated event in the Highland Games Calendar. The eighty eight year old monarch queen had her photograph taken in which she is smiling and laughing with her husband and Prince Charles. The Queen joined thousands of different people who all wished to attend the Braemar Gathering in Scotland. Those lucky enough to sit beside the queen were in a constant disarray by her beauty and immense power.

The Queen of England

It’s not very often that we see the queen smiling or genuinely happy but last week it was a different story. One of the highlights of the day for the queen is that she received a bouquet of flowers from a young girl named Heather, the queen then presented an award to man a part of the British Armed Forces. The Queen has a close relation with the British Armed Forces as Prince Harry, her grandson is a part of the military and has openly said many of times that he supports all of their causes. The queen also spent the majority of her time with Prince Charles during the game, it reminded everyone of a time when the Queen and King of England were the most dominating forces in the world.

Essentially they still are as the British Empire is the largest empire around the globe. All of Canada is a part of their empire and a small majority of the United States of America is also a part of the British Empire, the queen’s power still remains supreme. It just isn’t spoken about as it used to be.

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