Highland Games

Organizers for the Scotland County Highland Games are well on their well to gearing up for the 2014 Highland Games in Scotland County. They already has thousands of members participating in the event, there are dozens of vendors and plenty of space for spectators. These games are right around the corner as their being held from October 3rd to October 5th.
These Highland Games will be one of the most popular in this year as the Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn have no more vacancies available in their hotels. This means you can expect thousands of people to come out for the games and watch their favorite athletes defend their name as a man.


The games will start on Friday with a music venue at the St. Andrews Avinger Auditorium at 8 P.M. Some of the most famous bagpipe players will be at this event as well as other artists. You can expect an array of different traditional and non-traditional food to be available at this event at well. There is also going to be a music festival, dance, a feasting competition and a spectator’s athletic competition as well. There is so much for people to do at the 2014 Scotland County Highland Games that it’ll be an amazing experience for the whole family.

The Scotland County Highland Games have been around for twenty five years now, with all of these years they’ve only gained more popularity and become better at hosting their own event.

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