Highland Games Lose Popularity – 285

It appears that the classic tradition of the Highland Games are coming to an end across Northern America. These games which see’s the strongest men in the area compete against one another is vastly difficult challenges. One of the commonly known one is lifting a Telephone Pole clear over their head and then throwing it away from themselves. Unfortunately it seems that these games are coming to an end as Northern America citizens from the USA to Canada have begun to lose interest in these games. Today it was revealed that these games have lost their popularity by 43.7% in the last five years.


This isn’t surprising as you have far more superior forms of entertainment that fall align with the current generations growing up across Northern America. Video Games, Extreme Sports, Parkour and so many others have begun to consume children & young adults across Northern America. The classic sports such as Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey & Rugby still play a major role but the Highland Games no longer are a part of American Culture so it seems.

This doesn’t mean that the Highland Games have complete disappeared from the Northern American Lifestyle, hundreds of thousands of people across Northern America still go to the highland games across small towns & large cities. It just seems that as the future continues to progress, the highland games continue to digress. We shall inform you if the popularity of the Highland Games rise once again in the future but it is unlikely. It should be noted that these games still have a massive following in the European Union, it is still considered one of their greatest traditions and sports.

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