Central Florida’s Highland Games

The Highland Games is a series of games that aren’t just fun to watch or play but these are games that have become embedded into our way of culture. Everywhere around the world except for Asia you will see people attending highland games, it could be on the edge of Europe or dead center in the middle of the USA. All of those people who attend these games can all interact with one another. The 38th Annual Central Florida Highland Games is the most recent highland games to take place, now being well underway & completed it has been stated that more than four thousand people have attended the event on its first day.

Central Florida Highland Games

Saturday and Sunday were the two busiest days for the Central Florida Highland Games, it say a total of 13 thousand people across Florida attend the highland games to enjoy the various cultural aspects of this tradition. Scottish food, music, strength competitions, archery competitions and so much more can be enjoyed at these highland games. The best thing about Central Florida’s Highland Games is that they donate 60% of their earnings to various charities across the USA. This is what separates them from other states, provinces or countries across the world.

We won’t see the 40th installment of these highland games for another year to come but you can be ensured that when it done come around again all of those same people will be flocking to the Central Winds Winter Springs Park to enjoy the many festivities available at their fingertips.

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