Highland Games Cancelled in Bracebridge

Bracebridge is a city known for their love of Highland Games, each year this event has continued to grow in popularity throughout the area. Unfortunately it seems that this year the Highland Games are being cancelled in the area and for good reason. Last year due to horrible weather conditions there were multiple accidents with vehicles and one man was fatally injured due to a fight. It seems that those same weather patterns have arrived this year which has opted the organizing committee to cancel the games for this year.


During a statement with local news stations the head of the organizing committee stated, “It is with sadness and heavy hearts that we as the organizing committee must cancel the Bracebridge Highland Games as the same weather conditions of last year have arrived this year. We simply cannot overcome the loss of last year and do not wish for a repeat this year. We’re sorry to all the local fans who might be disappointed with our decision.”

None the less the majority of the community have come out and said that they approve of the decision to cancel the games this year. Due to the bad weather multiple incidents can happen that are not worth the risk. It seems that the participants of these games are rather disappointed and annoyed with the fact that these games were cancelled, once again shaming them of their glory as the cities strongest men.

We shall inform you if the Bracebridge Highland Games are re-scheduled in the near future.

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