Highland Games Set New Attendance Records

The Highland Games is a tournament which has been played for hundreds of hundreds of years. Originally originating from Scotland this game was losing its popularity indicated through various studies just months ago. None the less it seems that this summer those in Europe have embraced the incredible weather they’ve been having this summer & set an all new high for attendance records across the European Union.

highland games

Analysts were shocked by these updated attendance records. There the largest to be seen in the last twenty years but this isn’t shocking as the Highland Games have begun to modernize themselves in order to cater to the mass majority again. Now instead of there just being the intense manly games which showed off brute strength there are now play pins for children, drinking challenges, small lounges and more festivities.

This is thanks to a variety of different cities such as Newburg, Manchester, Liverpool and many others who embraced the modernized version of the Highland Games. Unfortunately it seems that this beloved tournament is still dying quickly across Northern America with an all-time high of cancelations across the US & Canada. Sporting leagues such as the NFL, MLS, NHL, or NBA have caused for the highland games to essentially lose all their popularity in these two countries.

None the less it is good to see that the Highland Games still have a future within Europe, the continent it was born in. We shall keep you informed if this attendance rate continues throughout the entire course of the summer season.

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