Youth Unaware of Highland Games

Technology is something that has reinvented how the youth experience their everyday lives. So many children or young adults don’t even participate in active sports anymore, instead they choose to play video games. A recent study done by the Salinas Californian showcases that over 90% of the youth today are unaware as to what the highland games are and that those youth who do know what this sporting event is either Scottish or knows of Scottish history.

highland games

Analysts believe that even if various highland game communities decided to promote this sporting event in a new manner it wouldn’t make a difference, it would only cause more less interest and possible jokes at their expense. The idea of showcasing your brute strength through a variety of basic tests just doesn’t appear to be fun for these children anymore. This is why the percentage of youth across Northern America who attend these events are only 12% with many of those youth being forced to attend by their guardian adults. None the less this doesn’t mean that these highland communities are willing to give up, some of them have begun to design new games which could cater towards the new generation and make it more exciting for them while still showcasing the brute strength of these athletes.

This is a task that’ll surely be hard but without it, analysts believe that the highland games will die as the older generation passes. Scotland itself is the only location in the world where these events raise millions upon millions, Highland Homecoming 2015 earned one hundred and thirty six million euro’s for the Scottish Economy.

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