Highland Games Getting Canceled

Upon the revelation that the highland games are losing their popularity throughout the globe it appears that the percentage of highland games being cancelled are increasing as well. This month alone the Bracebridge, StoneHaven, Southend, Round Hill and many other Highland games have been canceled due to not enough tickets being sold.

highland games

This doesn’t meant that this is the end of these Irish styled games. Communities all around Europe & Northern America have begun to appeal to the younger generations with the opportunity of winning prizes such as an iPad Mini, iPhone, Laptop, Tablet or more. This has actually caused for try outs to rise, it seems the issue now is finding a way to get people to attend the games. What the committees behind these various Highland games need to understand is that they have to make it appealing to the mass majority. This means that various other events such as a bouncy house or soccer game need to be added into the games, this’ll bring more families in as there’ll be more activities for everyone to enjoy.

Until this becomes a part of the norm for these games then attendance will continue to lower and more Highland Games will continue to be canceled. Those who love this sport need to stop being stubborn and allow for it to be modernized so that it may remain a part of the culture for decades to come. Hopefully these committee’s take the advice given by so many analysts & reporters so that this Scottish/Irish Tradition continues to stay alive

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