The Queen Attends Scotland’s Highland Games

The Queen of England, the majesty herself attended the Braemar Gathering, the largest event in Scotland’s Highland Games. It appeared that the queen was in good spirits as she was cheering on the competitors in the match up. This eighty nine year old queen was seen multiple time laughing, smiling and joking around with the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips.


It’s not shocking that the queen attended these events as the monarchy’s summer retreat is located in the Balmoral Estate, which is only a short distance away from where the Braemar Gathering is held. Thousands of other spectators were also there enjoying the festivities, the caber and tug of war contests were the ones that gained the most cheers & smiles from the crowd. It could often be seen that people in the crowd were looking at the Royal’s, impressed to have seen them at the event.

There were also a number of pipe bands, dancers, vendors and more to give the crowds a bit more excitement. The Queen has been attending this event since 1848, it’s a time honored tradition that is expected out of any queen. Even though the royal family hold no true power, they are still beloved by millions around the world and ultimately have say on a number of different issues.

At some point during Wednesday the Queen will be making one of her vastly rare public speeches, she’ll be thanking her citizens for showing their support. The queen now stands as the longest-reigning monarch in history. This is something that all British Supports have been bragging about for weeks.

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