World Championship Trophy Won by Logan Man

Logan Resident, Scott Far has been able to claim a major victory on his behalf. This young man has been a part of the highland games since he was a young man, he became defeating records at the age of seventeen and today he stands as the winner of the “2015 International Federation of Highland Games”, he performed in the lightweight division of these world championships.

2015 International Federation of Highland Games

Scott Far has been attending the highland games since he was a child in Utah. The family which he continues to live with to this day while saving for his own home is of Scottish-Irish-Welsh heritage which they hold dear to their hearts. The highland games were just a part of his nature and due to this he took the extra mile needed in order to ensure that he’d become a great highland games competitor in the future. He competes at nine professional events a year, every event it’s noted that his skills are becoming progressively better.

As for right now Mr. Far is taking his time to train and perfect is physical body that much more. The reasoning for this is because it’s the off season right now, training as hard as he possibly can during this time can ensure that he remains his title for the upcoming years.

Mr. Far did state, “I’m thrilled to finally have reached the level I set out to accomplish since I was a young child. I’m going to continue to persist my efforts onwards in hopes that I can win the heavy division one day as well.”

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