Tennessee Holds First Highland Games

Tennessee, one of the more pro-republic states in the USA held their first ever Highland Games this year in Johnson City. This marks the first time that the Irish/Scottish sport has ever been played in the yearlong warm state.

Johnson City Highland Games

Essentially this sport has individual athletes balance a ten foot tree hand, carry it several yards, tossing it in the air and then doing a somersault. Individual athletes will also jump great distances, pull trucks with their raw strength and so much more which determines their strength. Essentially this sport is very Viking in the fact that it has no merits to stand on, instead all it has is men whom have incredible strength but can only use it for one thing.

The turnout for the first ever Tennessee, Johnson City Highland Games wasn’t impressive to say the least. It was impressive enough that there is slated to be another yet set for next year. Army veterans and others with sympathetic stories are being called out for next year’s highland games in order to increase the amount of people whom attend the event.

The collection of spectators none the less included the president of the Upper East Tennessee Celtic Society & the Tennessee Army Veterans Association. This drew in a bigger crowd but it’s expected with the media speaking of the games, new faces coming for next year and more. These Highland Games will quickly rise in popularity within the state of Tennessee. Until then the Irish & Scottish individuals whom have wished for their culture to be birthed within their state will have to wait a bit longer.