Highland Games Debuting in Warsaw

Fans of the highland games culture will be happy to know that it’s rise in popularity is continuing. So much so that one of the biggest cities in Poland is hosting their very own highland games for the first time in 2016. Warsaw will be the first major city in Poland to host the “Scottish Highland Games”. This is a major milestone for the sport as for months it looked as if this games popularity was falling globally & though it still is within Northern America, it seems that Europe is once embracing the Highland Games for all that it has to offer.

highland games warsaw

Not only is Warsaw the first major city in Poland to host this event ever but it’s the first country that is Non-English speaking that is participating in an official “SHBA Event”. This sport seems perfect for the people of Poland as their obsessed with heavy lifting, they hold claim to the World’s Strongest Man whom has earned the title five years in a row. Warsaw hopes that some of their strongest men come out to the event & that some of Scotland’s strongest athlete’s do as well.

The Scotland Highland Games Association is working alongside Warsaw, Poland to ensure that these events can be access throughout the city easily via public transportation. There’ll also be an array of different activities for viewers to participate in, vendors to buy food from and merchandise to be purchased. These festivities are meant to make a major debut that’ll hopefully bring the highland games back to Poland year after year.