Dufftown Highland Games

The Dufftown Games offer a bit of this and that and enough to engage the support and participation of people of all ages. The event boasts a comprehensive program of events that include everybody’s favourites including the sounds of the pipe bands, dancers doing the Highland fling, strongmen proving themselves in both light and heavy events, racing and plenty of activities for the kids.

Dufftown Games

Whether you prefer to simply watch or you’re itching to prove your strength or you just want to get the kids out for a day of great fun in the community, the games are the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Many often travel to attend and the games have hosted people from all over the world. Some folks regularly plan their holidays around attending and rightly so – it’s a fantastic time.

The athletic portion of the games has long enjoyed a respected history not just at Dufftown but in all of Scotland. It is a historic tradition that has been handed down by the chiefs of the clans competing since the 11th century to prove who has the greatest working skills in the land. They established who the strongest and fastest men were and these champions were recognized far and wide in Scotland.

Highland games are celebrated in many communities across the country and many competitors travel from one to another, running the full circuit and winning prizes where ever thy go. Certain events at the games are definitive hallmarks of Scottish history such as the pipes, the caber toss and other heavy events. You’ll see everyone bearing the tartans of their clan and mingling with each other, either laughing about or quietly conceding to old family rivalries. Today’s games are not taken quite so seriously as they were in the past although they are an ironclad tradition that will continue to go on for many generations to come and solidify community engagement.

This year’s event in Dufftown will be held in July on the 26th and the event will open at 11 am. The Pipe Bands will start at the clock tower a 1pm and travel to the field for the sporting competitions. Opening ceremonies will take place at 1:30 on the field and these will be followed by the light and heavy events, the tug of war, dancing and the hill race. A drum and pipe competition will also occur for entrants under 16 years old. Don’t forget to take part in the Grand Whiskey Raffle and visit all of the stalls, food stations and the beer tent. Stick around for the evening events that will take place at the Royal Oak, Stuart Arms and the Commercial Hotel.

Competitors will still need to pay an admission fee unless otherwise advised. Sponsoring the event this year is Baron of Balvenie, Isle Burn, Grant and Sons, Walkers Shortbread, Strathdee Properties, AM Grant Dufftown. The hosts thank all the sponsors for their generosity and community support. General admission for the event is six pounds for adults and half for those under sixteen.

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