Geoff Capes

Geoff Capes was born on August 23, 1949 in Holbeach, England and is the seventh child out of nine. While in high school, Geoff showed outstanding athletic prowess competing in cross country track, basketball and football. As a young boy, he showed a deep interest in wildlife, domestic animals and birds and always had an affinity for working with them.

Geoff Capes

Standing at six feet 5 and a half inches and weighing three hundred and sixty lbs., Capes is a force to be reckoned with and has competed in competitions of might for many years. He has represented Great Britain in the Olympics three times in Munich, Germany, Montreal, Canada and Moscow, Russia in the shot put competition and he has won numerous medals in the European Indoor Championships including two golds, four silvers and bronze as well as two golds in the Commonwealth Games representing England.

Capes also competed in the Strongman competitions, claiming the title of World Muscle Power champion twice. Added to his list of titles are Europe’s and Britain’s Strongest Man. Capes loves competing in the Highland Games where the contests are very specifically geared to feats of strength.

Geoff won the world championships for the Highland Games six times starting with a win in Lagos in 1981. He has held many world records and since retiring, he has continued to be engaged in the events of strength as a promoter, a coach and a referee. He has also worked in the retail sports industry. He is known as a world renowned breeder of rare birds.

Beyond sports, Capes had a long-standing career in law enforcement as he was a police officer for quite some time. He also served in the Air Training Corps and he was awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal by Queen Elizabeth in 1977 to commemorate his service to the community. He also was a Justice of the Peace after 1998.

A video game called Geoff Capes Strongman was released in 1985 for the Commodore 64 and in the game, one had to pull a truck, compete in the tug of war and try to defeat opponents. He put in some television work, mostly as himself appearing in interviews but there is also a story that he stood in for David Prowse after he injured his elbow when he played Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Capes denies that story, giving full credit to Prowse but the story persists in some circles. He does have some television experiences but they don’t generally mark the bulk of his background and career and are very secondary in comparison to his other achievements.

He is well known for his aviary practices and for the breeding that he has done with specialized birds. He has raised many budgerigars successfully and some of them have won championships for their quality. He is, in fact, the president of the Budgerigar Society and is often interviewed in the by industry centric publications.

Geoff now lives in Stoke Rochford and is the grandfather of four and the father to Emma who herself won accolades in shot putting at school as well as in the Youth Olympics and to Lewis, a football player for the London Monarchs.

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