Grant Anderson (Highland games)

Grant Anderson is a long standing competitor in the Highland Games, the World Strongman Competition and an Olympian. He is well known for his prowess in sports of strength and has won many accolades in his competitions. Anderson stand at six feet one inches and weighs in at 290 pounds. He has competed as a weightlifter in the Commonwealth Games and won the bronze medal in the super heavyweight category in 1970.

Grant Anderson

He has competed on behalf of Scotland in the Highland Games, going to the World Championships and clinching the years twice, once in 1980 and subsequently in 1982. Anderson has also competed in the USA Highland Games in Santa Rosa where he became the champion five years out of six from 1979 until 1984 with 1980 being the only year he did not receive the top honour.

Grant Anderson was born in Dundee, Scotland and was an amazing student. Not only did he show promise in his athletic abilities, but he was also academically inclined and excelled at school, continuing his education to become a town planner. His amateur athletic background was focused in weightlifting and track and field.

Anderson has a passion for the Highland Games, becoming a specialist. While he shares a name with long time champion, Bill Anderson, the two are not related and he has competed has competed against him. When he entered his first Strongest Man competition in Britain, Geoff Capes took the title in 1979. Capes is another strong renowned name in the games and in the all of the strength contests worldwide and he is some stiff competition for anyone.
Anderson has also become a known entity on the circuit and he grabbed the top spot in 1980 in the World Highland Games Championships – the following year he came in third but in 1982, he won the event a second time.

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