Strongman Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson is a known as a professional strongman, participating in many a competition for a number of years now. He was born in June 1937 in Bucksburn, Scotland. At his heaviest, Bill weighed in at 300 lbs and stood at 6 feet 4 inches tall. Anderson is a hulk of a man and in general society, he could draw a number of stares. At the contests, however, he fit right in with the rest of the competitors.

As a Highland Game Competitor for Scotland, Anderson has collected a number of wins in the overall World Championships. He was the games champion for the Scottish Highland Games every year for sixteen consecutive years running from 1959 until 1974. Anderson claimed the championship in the US Highland Games Championships from 1976 to 1980, annually and then he picked up the win in the Canadian Highland Games in 1977 as well. In 1981, Anderson was the overall champion of the world at the World Highland Games. He competed in the Strongman Competition, representing Scotland achieving 9th in 1979 and 2nd in Britain in that same year. He has also held all the records for Scotland in the Highland Games at some point.

Anderson was born on a farm in Bucksburn, Scotland which is not far from Aberdeen. Bill was only eighteen years old when he began to show extraordinary promise in the Highland Games events of hammer throwing and caber tossing in 1956. After that, he was consistently a dominant competitor in everything that he tried in relation to strength and might. He continued competing for more than three decades and logged numerous championship wins all over the world but at home in Scotland, he could not be defeated.
With his first Scottish title under his belt when he was only twenty two years old, Anderson become the first competitor to toss the hammer for a distance of over 45 metres.

The Scots hammer was Bill’s forte and he would take his competitive stance, hammer in hand with pride and anticipation. He managed to break another record in 1969 by flinging the 22 lb hammer over 123 feet and he still holds that record to this day. On a single occasion, he attempted a wire hammer throw and the toss measured over 133 feet.

Anderson has five grandchildren and even at 77, he likes to keep busy with part time work. He participates in the Games to this day but now he sits in the judges’ chair, waiting for someone to come along that can perform the same feats as he once did. In 1977, Anderson was given the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth in 1977 and in 2007, he was inducted as a member of the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame.

Bill Anderson enjoyed many fruitful years competing to demonstrate his amazing strength and he loved it every step of the way. An injury in 1979 was what shortened his career and he withdrew from the World’s Strongest Man contest that year. Anderson still went on to compete for another few years but soon retired from competitive action. A biography has been published about his life by Argyll Publishing, entitled Highland Fling.

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