The 2014 Las Vegas Highland Games

The Highland Games are well known as a fantastic combination of sports, fun, socializing and culture. Based on an ancient Scottish tradition, they are generally comprised of feats of speed, strength and revelry and include dancing, the drums and the pipes and the heavy events such as the caber and hammer toss and the tug of war.


The clans of Scotland long competed against one another in these formats to establish themselves and their clans as the fastest, the fittest and the strongest in the land. Events were judged by the clan chiefs and their best and brightest were put forward to represent the clans. These games have continued across North America to continue to honour the tradition for Scottish families that have lived here for many generations. It is a way of keeping their traditions and heritage alive and it draws many together to participate.

This year in Las Vegas, the event is celebrating its 10th year in action. On April 12th and 15th, the event will be held at Floyd Lamb Park in the northwest zone of the city. The park is a lush desert oasis with greenery, wildlife and beautiful views of the mountains. The park is rather unique in the area and a fantastic venue for this event.
The entertainment will include the requisite pipers and drums, along with the Highland dancers, sheep dogs and the games themselves. Plenty of vendors are going to be set up to provide a shopping experience with many traditional gifts and souvenirs. Celtic music will be played live throughout and there will be plenty to eat and drink. The event will honour the hundreds of years of Scottish heritage, bringing the community together to celebrate the Societies and Clans that are associated to the Celtic heritage. All are welcome to attend as participants and spectators. There will be a skills competition focused on two events consisting of weight height and distance throwing.

The event is being hosted by the Las Vegas Celtic Society which was established in 2003 as a group of people concerned with maintaining more solid ties to the Celtic community. The group developed the concept and has grown the organization to create and host the Games annually. The name was chosen because it was believed that it closely adhered to the principles for which the group represented which was that all people with connections to Celtic heritage would be welcomed at the Games. The Society is a non-profit organization and does not solicit membership and it is led by a group of directors.

The first event was held in 2005 and partnered with the City’s celebration of the centennial. To create something original for the event, the Society decided that it would add the traditional highland games to the Centennial Celebration and each year they try to find something original to complement the event. The Society is open to the support and participation of everyone associated with the Celtic community and invites everyone to become involved as a volunteer, a participant or simply a supporter. These games are a grand experience for everyone to enjoy.

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