Top Highland Events in the BC area

It may be in Canada but the beautiful British Columbia terrain can rival the rolling greens of Scotland and make you forget where you are. There are many great events that can also transport you if you’re feeling a bit homesick.

BC Highland Games

BC Highland Games is a fantastic event held in Coquitlam, BC. Generally scheduled for the last weekend in June, this event has been held over the years at the Percy Perry Stadium. With something for everyone, participants can take part in any of the highland event competitions such as the sheep dog demonstrations, caber toss or the piping or drumming competitions. Those who come to support the contenders can enjoy plenty of food and drinks and much more. Be sure to dress like a Scotsman!

The Comox/Victoria Highland Games are both held on beautiful Vancouver Island in late May and they’re generally scheduled for the same weekend so you’ll have to make a choice as to which one you prefer to attend. There is always a band competition along with many of the other heavy events that accompany the Highland Games. Add a concert and some whiskey tasting and all lovers of the Scots will have a magnificent time. There are plenty of activities for the kids.

If you pop across the border, you can head over to the Seattle Highland Games which is the official event on the Pacific Northwest. The event is held in Enumclaw and draws thousands of people from all over northern Washington state. This celebration goes big with massive displays and competitions and all that are in attendance dress up in full Scottish gear, including face painting, kilts and swords, Scottish wenches in flowing gowns and many pipers. You can plan to camp and stay to enjoy the festivities the whole weekend.

Again on the American side, the Bellingham Scottish Highland Games take place in early June and attract many Canadians because of the close proximity to the border. They offer everything you would expect to see at a highland games event and people of all ages will have a wonderful time.

The BC Legion puts on a magnificent Highland Gathering on the third weekend of June and they rotate locations. The Royal Canadian Legion is the primary sponsor of many of Canada’s pipe bands and here’s where they really get to show off their talents. It is a really uproarious event with plenty of music, dance and revelry.

In Port Coquitlam, they celebrate the Rotary May Day Parade in early May and the event has been one of the longest standing events in the area, attracting numerous bands and pipers, drummers and kilt wearing fans. The crowd is generally immense so you’ll feel like you’ve been transport to Scotland.

These games are mainly all approved by the Pipers Association in BC and thus all of the bands and players in the area are made aware of the events so that they will attract the highest calibre of talent. The judging that is done is also generally recorded by the official association and the participants are credited with any kind of wins so that in the end, an overall supreme competitor is declared.

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